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"Du bist awesome, Frau." Gilbert said while he smirked and picked you up like you are a doll. "Gil, put me down!" You screamed and tried to hit your friend but he was holding you so, that you couldn't reach him. You both started to laugh and when he placed you on the ground again you hugged him.

Gilbert was your friend for your whole life. Your parents met in the hospital. Gilbert was only 5 minutes older than you were. Gilbert was an albino. A beautiful one, though. He had white hair and a very pale skin. With his red eyes he looked pretty much like a vampire. He was always telling everyone how 'awesome' he was and girls were practically hanging on him. He had two best friends, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, a Spanish dude, and Francis Bonnefoy, a French one. They were okay. Antonio was always happy and he cheered anyone up. Francis.. Well, you just had to look out that he wouldn't kiss you suddenly. Yes, he tried that a few times with you. They were called the BTT. Bad Touch Trio.

Gilbert asked you once if you didn't want to join their 'group'. But you said that you liked to be around them, but not anything more. Gil put you into enough trouble already.

His older brother, Ludwig, was very different. He was strong, boring, and a perfectionist. It wasn't that you didn't like that guy, No you liked him. You could at least talk with him. But somehow he face gave you the chills. The way he looked, and the way he made his man boobs dance. Hehe yes, once you had a sleepover with Gilbert. You wanted to ask Ludwig if he wanted any cookies too, so you knocked on his door. When there didn't came an answer you opened the door to take a small peek. Darn, you wished you never had done that. You saw Ludwig standing in front of the mirror making his man boobs dance. "You're doing quit a good job, Luddy!" You grinned and he spun around to face you. O yes, you made him very, very pissed.

He chased you to the whole house yelling at you. Gilbert smirked when he saw you too. "And that's why we're friends!" He said and you smirked. "We both love your brother so much?" You yelled and he laughed. "Precisely."  You ran upstairs to the bathroom and closed the door. Ludwig ran into the door making him crack.

There was this tile behind the toilet. If you picked it up you could walk between the walls. No one knew about it, next to you and Gilbert. When Ludwig cracked trough the door you were gone. To miss trade him when you opened the window so he thought you'd run off trough that.

"Stupid girl." He sneered and went back to his own room leaving the broken door.
You pushed another tile away in the basement. The basement belonged to the third brother. Roderich. He was the oldest and most boring one. The only thing he did was making music and yelling at Gilbert if he laughed too hard. You didn't heard him play so you knew he wasn't home. When you came out the basement Gilbert was already waiting for you across the hall.

"That was fun." You said and you giggled. He smirked and you too went off to the store buying cookies. "The awesome me has a video of his dancing boobs, did you know that?" Gilbert said and smirked. You laughed. "Ew, hideous." You said and you both laughed even harder.

Today you were baking cookies as well. the two of you made a lot of cookies. "What now?" You said when you sat down at the trampoline in the backyard of Gilbert. "I bet, that the awesome me, can have more cookies in his mouth that you." "You're on it." You said. After giving each other a high five you started to eat the cookies without swallowing them. After six cookies your mouth was full but Gilbert was pushing the eight one in his mouth. "IFF VINE!" He tried to say but you shook you head. You poked him into his ribs making him yelp. He nearly choked in all the cookies. You swallowed it and started to laugh. I won, you can't spit them out! You had to swallow them!" "Not awesome, (NAME)." Gilbert yelled and he jumped on you.

He started to tickle you and you couldn't breathe anymore because you were yelling and laughing for over 5 minutes now. "St.. Op.. It.."  You yelled and he laughed. "Vhat do you say, Frau?" "Ahahaha Stop it! PLEASE!" You screamed struggling. He let you go and smiled. "You look like one of Toni's tomatoes." He said and laughed. You lied there smiling trying to catch your breath. "Shut up, moron." You said and started to laugh as well.
"Do you sleep here?" Roderich walked into the yard seeing you lying on the trampoline. "I don't know, do I?" You asked and looked at Gilbert. "Yes, she does." Gilbert grinned and Roderich looked annoyed. "Keep your voices down." He said and walked inside, probably to his basement. "I feel like.. having a prank." You whispered and Gilbert laughed. "I was thinking the exact same thing." You giggled and he whispered something in your ear making sure none of his brothers inside would possible hear you two.

You laughed when he finished telling the prank. "Good idea bro." You walked inside to see Luddy preparing dinner. "Hey Ludwig, I'm staying here tonight. Is that okay with you?" He nodded and placed the potatoes in the cooking water.

You walked over to the fridge to get three eggs. He noticed it but didn't say anything so you walked away with the eggs in your hand. You knocked on the door from the basement. "What?" You heard and opened the door. "Roderich, can I ask you something?" You whispered and he winked you closer. "What do you want, (NAME)?" You sat down on the piano stool and showed him the eggs. "I've seen this on the television. I'll give you 5, no 10 dollar if I can break these three on your head." You said and he raised one eyebrow. "Why would you do that?" "Well, it's a magic trick. I can heal the eggs again." You whispered and he laughed. "No, (NAME), that's impossible. A waist of your money I would say." "Please!" You looked at him with puppy eyes. Irresistible. "So, you give me 10 dollar, if you can break three eggs on my head?" He asked and you nodded. "Dumb. But okay." He said and sat down so you could reach his head.

You broke one of the eggs and the yellow stuff that supposed would to be a little chicken someday dripped down over his glasses. He wanted to sweep it away but you said that he couldn't do that. "Otherwise I can't heal them!" You said and he growled. The second egg went on his head and ran down his cheeks. "Gross." You laughed and grabbed your camera. "What are you doing?" He yelled and you giggled. "Taking a picture of course! You have no idea how stupid you look!" You laughed. "Come one, (NAME). Go on with the eggs. This feels horrible." He yelled and you laughed even harder. "No, I guess you're right. I can't heal the eggs. So I don't see why I would spent another egg." You said and you heard him growl. "Give me my money!" He yelled and you giggled. "Why? I never said you would get any money if I would only smash two eggs on your head!" You said and ran off before he could get you. The brought the third egg back to Ludwig and ran to the back garden. You heard Roderich scream, yell and curse so you hide behind the trampoline.

You couldn't see Gilbert anywhere so you sat there for half an hour. "Dinner's ready!" Ludwig yelled and you ran towards him. "I have no idea what you did to Roderich, but he's really pissed." Ludwig said when he grabbed your arm. "Look." You said and showed him the picture. Ludwig covered his mouth with his hands trying to hide his smile. "You can't do such thing, (NAME)." He said trying to look as a grownup. "Well, if you would have an awesome friend like me, you would have done the exact same." You giggled and walked to the table where you saw Gilbert laughing. "(NAME), look, you're going to be a hit." He said and showed you his mobile. "Huh?" You asked and watched a video on youtube. "You filmed it!" You yelled and laughed. "Yep. The awesome me filmed everything!"

After dinner you two made sure you could spent the night here. Roderich slept in the basement and you made sure he wouldn't see you tonight.

It became dark and Ludwig wanted the two of you going to bed. "I have another idea." You whispered when you were lying in the bed Gilbert prepared for you. "What is it?" He said and smirked. "You whispered something in his ear and the two of you stealed down the stairs. In the kitchen you filled little bags with flower and walked over to Ludwig's room. When Gilbert opened his room you could hear him snore. Gilbert picked up the first bag and threw it towards his brother. It fell on his forehead and busted open. Flower all over his face. Ludwig didn't woke up. You were next. You picked up another bag and threw it on his cheek. It busted open again and a cloud of flower came into his nose. He sneezed and sat up.

"What the.. GILBERT AND (NAME)!" He yelled and ran off towards you two. You laughed and ran back to your own room. "YOU TWO STAY IN BED NOW!" He screamed and Gilbert and you giggled.

Then he closed the door, hiding to the bathroom washing the flower of his face.

"We should do this more often." Gilbert whispered and you nodded. "Awesome." You said.
Okay so? I finished this because I just remembered doing the egg prank to my siser. She didn't liked it xd

I hope you ,like it and please write a commant so I know what you think of the story! (:

Thanksss, and you're awesome.

I do not own hetalia, but I do own my stories.
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